The countertops that are in your kitchen will be an important part of this area of the home. When you are undertaking a major kitchen renovation, upgrading them can be an important part of achieving the look and level of functionality that you are wanting. Quartz is a popular option for countertops, but it is an option that is often misunderstood by those looking to undertake one of these projects.

Myth: It Is Safe To Put Hot Pots And Pans On A Quartz Countertop

An important contributing factor to the popularity of quartz countertops can be their extreme durability. While these countertops will be made to withstand impacts and scratches, they can be damaged if they are exposed to extreme temperatures. For this reason, you should always be mindful to avoid placing hot pots and pans directly on the countertop. The heat from these items can burn the surface of the countertops. In addition to compromising the appearance of the countertop, this can also damage its structural integrity.

Myth: Cracks In Quartz Countertops Can't Be Easily Repaired

Deep or long cracks forming in the countertop can often be the result of dropping extremely heavy items on it. When these cracks form, individuals may assume that their entire countertop will have to be replaced. In many cases, these cracks can be repaired with the use of a resin that will be applied to the opening. Once this resin has been applied, it can dry and harden so that it will be able to adequately reinforce the countertop. This can provide for a repair that is able to correct both the cosmetic damages to the countertop as well as any structural weaknesses that have developed as a result of the crack forming in it.

Myth: Quartz Countertops Are Only Available In Light Colors

The countertops will be one of the largest surfaces in the kitchen. As a result, they will play a large role in the overall aesthetics of this room. Luckily, these countertops can be colored to meet the needs of most interior design schemes. In fact, it is even possible to have quartz countertops custom-made to be the right color, thickness, and size for your kitchen. However, having countertops custom-made will significantly increase the costs and time involved with making this upgrade. It may be worth paying for quality countertops that can last for decades. 

For more information about quartz countertops, contact a local contractor.