When you want new floors in your home, you can either go with the actual material you want, such as brick, tile, marble, or hardwood, or you can choose luxury vinyl plank. Luxury vinyl plank, also known as LVP, is a great alternative to many flooring materials that are either very expensive, difficult to install, or not durable for where you want them. You can have beautiful floors that will look great in any room of your home with the right luxury vinyl plank style and application.

While you can install LVP floors yourself, it's best to hire a professional. This way, the floors are done well and any concerns you have about installation can be addressed by your flooring company. What types of floors can luxury vinyl plank replicate? Here are just a few of the high-end style floors that LVP can replicate very well.

Ceramic tile

Do you like the look of ceramic tile or mosaic tile but you don't want the hassle and expense of installing those colorful tile pieces yourself? Look at the luxury vinyl plank styles that look like ceramic available at your local flooring store, and you'll see that the way the planks both look and feel is very realistic. LVP can be both lighter and cheaper than ceramic tile and far easier to install.


Perhaps the most common type of flooring that luxury vinyl plank replicates is hardwood. The versatility of LVP makes it easy to manipulate with grooves, coloration, knots, and more to give standard vinyl flooring a more realistic hardwood appeal. As a bonus, LVP is often more waterproof than some sealed hardwood styles, making it a wise choice if you want the look of hardwood throughout your home.


If you want your floors to look like natural stone or something fancier like marble, you can accomplish this without worrying about the heftiness of natural stone by using luxury vinyl plank. Your LVP specialists can install planks so they are even and fluid in appearance, so you can have durable floors that look just like the natural stone tiles you appreciate in other homes.

LVP is usually more expensive than traditional vinyl flooring options but has many additional benefits. With so many styles and designs to choose from, your luxury vinyl plank adventure can lead you to beautiful and unique floors you can enjoy for a very long time.

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