Maintaining the appearance of hardwood flooring will require a homeowner to be mindful to minimize the chances of scratches or staining occurring. However, these issues can eventually arise—and when this starts to occur with your flooring, it may be worth having it refinished to remove these issues so that a superior appearance of the floor is restored.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Will Have To Be Refinished Every Year Or Two

Individuals that are not familiar with hardwood flooring can easily overestimate the frequency that they will need to contract a professional for hardwood flooring refinishing. In fact, there are some individuals that may assume they will need to have their hardwood floors refinished as often as every couple of years. In reality, hardwood flooring that is well maintained will be able to last for years between refinishing. To maximize the length of time that you can go between refinishing work for your hardwood flooring, it should be regularly treated with wood cleaning products as these products remove dirt while also replenishing the natural oils of the wood so that it will avoid becoming brittle.

Assumption: Hardwood Flooring Will Look Significantly Different After The Refinishing Work Is Done

Due to the fact that the surface of the hardwood flooring will be sanded away and a new finishing coat will be applied, individuals might think that this means that their hardwood floor will have a significantly different look to it at the end of this work. While you may have the option to adjust the color of the stain that is applied to the wood, this is not necessary, and you can choose to opt for the same color that you previously had on the wood. This can be an important benefit for individuals that are wanting to restore the appearance of their hardwood floors without changing or compromising the current aesthetic that they have created.

Assumption: Refinishing The Floors Can Be Easily Done Without Professional Help

Individuals can easily make the mistake of underestimating the amount of work that is involved with refinishing the floors. This can lead to them attempting to complete this work on their own without hiring a professional contractor. This can lead to these individuals potentially finding themselves overwhelmed by the amount of work this project will require as well as being at a greater risk of making mistakes that could severely decrease the overall results that their refinishing project is able to provide. Lastly, they may create unnecessary impacts and disruptions on those living in the home by failing to effectively manage the dust and fumes that are created during this work.