If you have carpet in your home, consider yourself barely among the majority: 51% of homes have carpet in them. Carpet services companies such as McSwain Carpets and Floors help you decide what type of carpet to put in your home and provide not just carpets, but padding and other carpet supplies as well to make your experience complete.

Are you ready for new carpets in your home? Don't wait until your carpets have been worn down to nubs and have ample stains on them to consider having them replaced. Whether they are old or not, or even in style or not, there are several reasons why you should consider new carpet for your home in the bedrooms, main living areas, and other parts of the home. Here are just a few of them:

Your carpets aren't safe

Older carpets may contain chemicals and coloring agents that aren't safe by modern standards, and may not be as fire-resistant as more trending and modern styles as well. Keep in mind that no carpet is actually completely fireproof or entirely free of binding agents and other chemicals as part of their creation. However, some carpets, like natural wool, are more fire-safe and lack chemicals that may be more irritating than others.

Choose carpet services if your carpets are very old or if you don't know what type of carpets you have. Carpet stores may be able to show you different styles for your needs.

Your carpets aren't energy efficient

When you think about carpets, you likely don't think about energy efficiency, but in their own way, carpets can either help keep your home comfortable temperature-wise, or they can help contribute to the drafty feelings you have in your own home. If your carpets are not well-padded and insulated and not working to help keep your rooms draft-free and comfortable, switch up to carpets that will. Carpet that conducts heat well will allow you to keep the naturally cooler rooms in the home, such as rooms in the basement, warmer.

Your carpets aren't trending

If your carpets are seriously dull and lacking, then it's time for an upgrade. While your carpets will last a long time, their style doesn't always do so, so choose carpets that are darker with a mix of shades to help hide dirt and grime and will continue to stay trending for years to come. Patterned and textured carpets can have their seasons but stick to a carpet that has a lasting appeal so you don't have to upgrade again anytime soon.