If you're looking for a new floor, you might have discovered something about all of the vinyl options out there. Some vinyl flooring is simply sold as vinyl flooring, while other vinyl floorings may be marketed as "luxury vinyl flooring." Chances are, you're wondering what the difference is. As it turns out, there are a few key qualities that set luxury vinyl flooring apart from more typical vinyl flooring.

Padded Backing

Traditionally, vinyl flooring is applied over some sort of sub-floor. However, since the vinyl is quite thin and hard, your floor feels hard. Luxury vinyl flooring is different. This type of vinyl flooring really never comes in sheets. Instead, it comes in either tiles or planks. Each tile or plank has a piece of padding on its back. This padding makes installation a breeze since you don't have to put a backing down before laying the floor. The padding also makes a luxury vinyl floor more comfortable to walk on. It will give a little as you step on it, which makes it a nicer flooring choice for kitchens and other areas where you'll be standing for long periods. The padding also makes luxury vinyl flooring more comfortable for kids to play on.

Wood or Stone Inclusions

Most, but not all, luxury vinyl flooring is made with real wood fibers or stone particles in the top layer. This makes the flooring look more convincingly like stone or wood floors. Luxury vinyl plank, for example, is a specific type of luxury vinyl flooring made to look like real wood. It won't rot or bow like wood, but it does give your home a similar look. On a similar note, some luxury vinyl tile flooring is made with lots of stone pieces to make it look like real stone. But of course, it is softer and cheaper than actual stone flooring.

Complex and Interesting Patterns

When you think of vinyl flooring, you might think of the boring, old-fashioned patterns your grandparents had in their bathroom or basement. Luxury vinyl flooring, however, tends to be made with more complex and interesting patterns. As mentioned above, it can be made to look like wood or stone. Or, it may be made with a floral or geometric pattern. If you want your space to have an upscale look, luxury vinyl tile can help achieve that.

Luxury vinyl tile costs more than standard vinyl flooring, but for good reason! This type of flooring is superior in several ways, as outlined above. For more information, or to explore vinyl flooring options for your home, contact a flooring supplier such as KC Marble & Tile today.