In an older house with original wood flooring, it's up to you to care for the floors as necessary. Refinishing hardwood flooring requires special consideration to avoid issues rather than opting for replacement. 

Since you want to maintain the original look for the flooring, the following tips ensure that the flooring isn't going to look rough after the restoration work. 

Choose a Test Area

The best way to avoid any surprises with refinishing your hardwood flooring is to begin with a test area. Starting in a closet or underneath a large piece of furniture allows you to ensure that the stain you choose is the right match.

After sanding and preparing the flooring for refinishing, the test spot should be done and allowed to dry thoroughly before considering moving on to other areas on your flooring. Testing one area is as easy as masking tape to create a square and sticking with staining in that spot before making any decisions. 

Work with Professionals

If you're interested in refinishing your flooring and your home is spacious, it's best to avoid DIY work. A large home can leave you exhausted when you're refinishing all the flooring on your own. As you look into the extent of work required, it's best to reach out to professionals with the square footage and type of hardwood flooring you have. 

The extra assistance ensures you won't give up halfway through and that suitable precautions are taken to treat all your flooring evenly. You can even request insurance to ensure that refinishing the flooring is done correctly. 

Get Your Home Ready

One of the most significant challenges that get in the way of refinishing your hardwood flooring is needing to have your floors clear. Having clear flooring can feel impossible when you have heavy furniture or limited room to relocate furniture. In this case, it may be necessary to move the furniture into the garage or even rent a storage unit to clear out space for refinishing the floors temporarily. 

As you prepare to refinish your hardwood flooring, you'll need to take the steps necessary to ensure that your home is ready for the project. Instead of being disappointed by the stain you've chosen or skipping some parts of your home due to time constraints, you can work with a professional and check what precautions are essential. This way, your hardwood flooring looks new again, while retaining the original look of your home. 

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