Marble is known for its natural elegance and beauty, and while marble floors aren't everyone's cup of tea, they remain very popular with many homeowners. Marble is a natural stone quarried in many locations around the world. Mable is available in a wide array of colors and patterns. If you are thinking about marble floors, you have many options to consider. However, there are a few things to keep in mind before installing marble floors in your home.  

There's A Lot Of Variety

The first thing to know if you want to put in marble flooring is that there's a lot of variety when it comes to marble. First, marble naturally comes in many shades and veining patterns. You'll want to consider what works best for the style of your home when searching for marble floors. There are also different finish options ranging from polished to honed. Marble flooring also works well with radiant heating systems, another thing to consider when adding this type of flooring to your home. 

How Much It Costs

Marble floors can get expensive, so it's essential to consider the cost when putting them in your home. Marble flooring installation costs vary depending on labor costs and the grade and style of marble you select. On the low-end, marble flooring starts around $8 per square foot, while high-end options run up to $50 per square foot. The format of the marble also impacts marble flooring costs. Marble slabs tend to cost more than marble tiles. Before committing to marble flooring, consider what you will pay for the marble and the installation. 

It Requires Extra Care

Marble is a beautiful stone, but it's also porous. Due to this porosity, marble is prone to staining. Since marble is susceptible to damage, it will require some extra care. Any spills should be mopped up properly. You will also want to sweep your marble frequently to keep debris away from your floors. Sealing your marble flooring is also a great way to keep your floors in great shape. Before putting in marble floors, make sure you are up to caring for and maintaining them.

If you are interested in marble flooring, here's what to know. First, marble is a versatile stone, and there are many flooring options to consider. Second, marble flooring comes in at many different price points, so look for options you can afford. Finally, marble floors require more care than other flooring materials, so make sure you are up to this maintenance. 

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