The decision between installing hardwood floors or carpets can be a difficult choice to make for many homeowners. While there is no single choice that is going to be right for every home or every homeowner, many people will find that hardwood floors are the better option. This is because of three impressive benefits that hardwood floors offer when compared to carpeting. Continue reading below to learn more about these three benefits.

Benefit #1: Easily Repaired

If even a small area of your carpet becomes damaged you will need to replace the entire carpet in order to repair the damage without creating unsightly seams in your flooring. With wood floors, you can easily repair any damage to the floor by addressing only the damaged area. In most cases, this can be done by sanding down the damaged area, using wood filler as needed, and then applying a stain or other sealant to the newly repaired area. However, if the damage to a particular area is significant, you will also have the option of replacing even a single plank without compromising the look or feel of your floor. 

Benefit #2: Easily Cleaned

People are often tricked into thinking that carpets are easy to keep clean. After all, what can be easier than simply running a vacuum over your floor from time to time? The problem is, while a carpet can look clean on the surface after vacuuming, there is often significant dirt and debris that is embedded deep in the carpet fibers and padding. This hidden dirt can cause serious issues for people with allergies and can cause your carpet to look dingy over time. With hardwood floors, you can be sure that your floors are truly clean since there is nowhere for dirt to hide. Best of all, sweeping and using a damp mop on your wood floors really is no more difficult or time consuming than vacuuming a carpet. 

Benefit #3: Easily Adaptable To Any Decor

One of the problems that many homeowners ultimately experience when choosing to carpet their home is that the flooring choice they make today may not meet their decor needs even a few years down the road. For instance, if you choose to install a brown carpet in your living room, any changes to your decor will need to match this color unless you want to incur the additional cost of replacing your carpet each time you wish to redecorate. This is not a problem when choosing wood flooring since hardwood floors can easily match any decor theme that you choose. 

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