You have decided to splurge and have beautiful hardwood flooring professionally installed in your home. If you have never had new flooring installed, or even shopped for new hardwood flooring, knowing what to expect can help you prepare. Here are a few things you can expect before, during, and after your professional hardwood flooring installation.

Before the Installation

Prior to the installation, the flooring company will work with you to choose the ideal type of hardwood and finish for your home and budget. This might entail the hardwood installation company coming to your home to take some measurements. Right before the installation, you will need to remove any furniture, long drapes that hang onto the floor, and appliances from the area where the flooring will be installed.

Depending upon the installation company you are working with, the company might relocate the furniture and appliance for you. Additionally, if you are installing hardwood flooring in several rooms, you may need to leave your home during the entire installation process. If this is the case, make arrangements for somewhere to go prior to the installation.

During Your Hardwood Flooring Installation

The actual length of time necessary to finish the entire installation will vary on several factors. For example, if you are having the entire home fitted with new hardwood flooring, it will obviously take longer than if you are having the flooring installed in a single room. The process will begin with removing the existing flooring and preparing the subfloor for the new hardwood.

If there is any damage to the subfloor, the damage will need to be repaired first. Next, glue will be applied to the subfloor and the new hardwood flooring will be laid down. The hardwoods will then be nailed down and sanded before a finish is applied.

If you are staying in your home while the hardwood flooring is installed, be ready for the crew to come in and out of your home and for there to be noise and odors from the products used during the installation and refinishing.

After the Installation  

Finally, once the installation is complete, you may need to wait several days before you are able to walk on the new hardwood flooring to put furniture into the room. This is because the glue and finish require time to complete dry and cure. Once this is over, you can move back into the space and enjoy your beautiful new hardwood floors.

From removing the furniture to the installation and allowing the glues and finish of the new hardwoods to set, there are several things you can expect to happen while your hardwood flooring is installed.