If you plan on putting an epoxy coat on flooring, you'll need some epoxy flooring equipment to accomplish this task. One of the most important is a dust collector since it's used to clean flooring prior to epoxy being applied. Buying one of these machines won't be difficult if you take these steps.

Verify Optimal Power Is Provided

One of the most important aspects of a dust collector for epoxy flooring installation is the power that it makes. It needs to be extremely powerful as to effectively suck up dust and other debris that may be around the flooring that is receiving an epoxy coat. 

You can tell a lot about how powerful a dust collector is by its overall size and the motor that it comes with. Review these attributes carefully until you can verify you're getting a dust collector that will be powerful enough to help you perform the right surface preparations prior to applying epoxy to the surrounding area. 

Make Sure It's Portable

You're going to be moving a dust collector system around your flooring a lot before you're ultimately ready to apply epoxy coats. This movement won't be hard to deal with if you get a dust collector with a portable design. It should be relatively compact, not weigh a lot, and have wheels at the bottom.

All of these design elements will help you navigate this dust collector around flooring without having to expend a lot of energy or bump into things and potentially damage this machine. You'll remain in control of it the entire time.

Look For a High-Quality Filter

If you want this dust collector to hold up for a long time in order to help with other projects over the years besides epoxy floor installation, then you're going to want to get a model with an optimal filter. This component will help your dust collector run in a clean fashion and thus not be vulnerable to inconvenient breakdowns.

The filter needs to be made from durable materials, but also have the right designs to trap small particulates found around your flooring environment. You should review filter performance with different dust collectors as well.

With a dust collector, you can go in and remove dust and debris prior to applying epoxy to flooring. This is going to help with application. Just make sure you get a dust collector with the right performance capabilities and designs.