Laminate flooring is a layered product that contains an inner core, an applique, and a protective cover. This type of flooring resembles wood. Laminate flooring is a popular flooring choice for high-traffic areas, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Laminate Products

There are many reasons why someone may seek the installation of laminate flooring instead of settling on traditional hardwood floors. A property owner may have originally had hardwood floors installed, but then dealt with severe damage that destroyed the beauty and integrity of the flooring materials. Hardwood floors often become scuffed, scratched, and stained.

Hardwood varieties are not resilient to moisture. A laminate flooring product offers a way to mimic hardwood but does not need to deal with the same issues that hardwood floors are noted for. A property owner may want to improve the aesthetics within their home, but not be seeking a flooring product that will be difficult to care for. Because laminate floors aren't susceptible to the damage that hardwood floors are known for, they may choose this flooring material for their flooring upgrade.


Installers of laminate flooring will not need to use the sanding equipment that traditional hardwood floors require. Hardwood is sanded after the installation process is complete. Sanding can be a messy job. A laminate product is prefabricated in a manufacturing plant. The applique that forms the surface of a laminate product will resemble natural wood grain. The clear coat that is applied over the applique will preserve the appearance of each laminated product.

Laminate planks are often used to construct flooring materials. Planks may be arranged in a grid formation. Some laminate products are designed to interlock. This type of flooring will consist of many laminate pieces that are designed to attach to one another. Laminate squares are a flooring product that will resemble hardwood tiles. This type of flooring can be used to modify the flooring in a kitchen, a bathroom, or a bedroom.

Laminate flooring products come in many colors and textures. A multi-colored laminate product can be used to greatly enhance an indoor living space. Laminate installations will require the use of hardware. Hardware is typically installed along the corners of laminate materials. A laminate flooring consultant will provide a client with some cost comparisons that they can use when planning a new flooring project. A consultant will provide sample flooring materials for a client to choose from for their upcoming flooring project.

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