If you're updating your home and putting in new flooring, visit a flooring dealer and look at all of your options in person. There are so many choices in flooring colors, patterns, and types that you may not even know what's available. For instance, you can buy ceramic tiles that look like wood planks. Here are some flooring choices you may want to consider.

Flooring That's Easy To Install

If you plan to install the flooring yourself, you may not want something that's difficult to install, such as hardwood planks. Instead, you might opt for vinyl planks, peel-and-stick tiles, sheet vinyl, or carpet tiles. All of these choices are fairly easy to install, even if you don't have a lot of experience with home improvement projects.

When You Want Waterproof Floors

Ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles that are grouted to the floor are excellent choices for bathrooms and kitchens. However, you can also buy vinyl flooring that's waterproof. Not all vinyl is waterproof, so be sure to check labels when you're shopping at the flooring dealer.

If You Want Nontoxic Flooring

If you're concerned about outgassing formaldehyde and toxic VOCs from flooring, you'll want to shop carefully and pay attention to labels. Some vinyl and carpet are certified to have low VOCs, but not all brands are. Hardwood, linoleum, and tiles are usually good options for nontoxic flooring. However, it's more difficult to find vinyl and carpet that doesn't outgas.

Also, keep in mind that glue and other materials used for installation can also release VOCs, so you'll want to make sure to choose nontoxic or low-toxic installation materials, too.

If You Have Kids Or Pets

Choosing flooring is more difficult when young children or pets will be living in your house for the next several years. You want flooring that's durable and attractive. Plus, low VOC outgassing is important since kids and pets like to be on the floor. You'll also want flooring that's warm, comfortable, and easy to play on.

Wood planks might be the right choice, but it's a good idea to compare hardness ratings since softer woods may be scratched by toys or a dog's nails. Hardwood floors are a little hard, but you can always add area rugs if you need the extra softness and warmth.

The flooring dealer can offer advice on the best types of flooring that match your needs. They may even give you installation tips or provide installation services if you don't want to install the floors yourself. Reach out to a flooring dealer near you to learn more.