If you're looking to change the flooring in one or more parts of your residence, you have all sorts of flooring products to think about. Your best bet is to find a local flooring company so that you can begin to evaluate your choices. While standard flooring products such as wood and tile are widely appealing, choosing a different look can sometimes be a good idea. One product that you'll see at certain suppliers is terrazzo. This flooring features a composite base that is filled with small pieces of stone such as granite and quartz, which give it a speckled look. Here are three benefits of choosing terrazzo flooring for your home.

Hard Surface

The combination of the composite base and stone pieces gives terrazzo flooring an extremely hard texture. The result is that this flooring type is highly durable. Through regular activities in your home, it's very unlikely that you'd ever be able to do anything that damages the floor. Dropping heavy objects won't typically cause damage, while spilled liquids won't soak in and leave stains behind. This is ideal if you've recently moved into your home and are looking for a type of flooring that will last for the amount of time you wish to spend in the residence — rather than require refinishing or replacing at some point in the future.


Lots of types of flooring have a fairly plain appearance. Another big benefit of terrazzo is that it can often be colorful. For example, if you choose a gray composite base and stone pieces in hues such as blue and green, you'll have a floor that has a vibrant and colorful look. Some terrazzo floors also feature small pieces of cut, colored glass embedded in them. The glass will reflect the light in the area, adding many small bursts of color across the floor's surface.


Most people don't have terrazzo floors in their homes, which will immediately help to give your residence a different and appealing look once this flooring is installed. Terrazzo flooring has a high-end feel, making it common in areas such as luxury hotels and modern office buildings. Even if you choose this type of floor for just one area of your home — the entry area, for example — you'll take pride in having a unique look for you and your family to enjoy. Visit a flooring store in your area such as Superior Floors to learn about options like terrazzo flooring for your home.