Hardwood floors may be an excellent addition to your home. Hardwood is long-lasting and looks good. While hardwood floors have many benefits, you don't want to tackle the installation yourself. Hiring a contractor will make a difference in the installation process. Since hardwood flooring is such an investment, you want to ensure that your hardwood floors are installed correctly. Here are three things you should discuss with your hardwood flooring contractor to ensure you get the floors of your dreams.  

Your Hardwood Options

The first question you will want to ask your hardwood flooring contractor is, what kind of hardwood works best for my home? There are different hardwood species to choose from, and if your floors need to hold up to a lot of wear and tear, you may want to go with a harder variety of hardwood. Also, your contractor can advise you on what style of flooring will look best and work for your lifestyle.

What You Can Afford

How much you can spend on your new hardwood floors is something to talk about with your hardwood floor contractor. Hardwood flooring varies in price, but there are affordable options. However, some hardwood varieties are expensive. Being upfront about your budget will ensure you don't break the bank when putting hardwood in your home. Including installation, the average cost to install hardwood floors ranges from $14 to $32 per square foot. The wood species you choose, the finish of the floors, and the style, impact your bottom line. Discussing your budget with your contractor will keep you from going over budget. 

The Expected Timeline

How long it takes to install hardwood flooring varies from one home to another. However, your contractor has enough experience to estimate how long the work will take. It can take your contractor anywhere from a few days to even a couple of weeks to put down your hardwood floors. How long it takes depends on the flooring itself and how difficult the installation is expected to be. 

If you are adding hardwood flooring to your home, here's what to talk about with your contractor. First, discuss which hardwood options will work best for your home. Second, being upfront about how much you can spend on your floors is vital, so don't be afraid to talk about your budget. Finally, discussing the timeline can help you plan around the flooring installation. 

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